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Free e-Consultation

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The Luxury and Technology of Dentistry

"At Hale Dental we strive to bring new concepts and approaches to your dental health combining the most advanced technology in the hands of the best professionals with the luxury and exclusivity of exquisite space. The mouth is part of the body that science allows us to keep in excellent condition throughout our life. At the Hale Dental and Implant Clinic we will make this possible."


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Treatment Rooms

Luxury: we have created an environment of luxury and exclusivity in which health and aesthetics are of the ultimate importance. Comfort: the comfort of the patient is our prime concern. In our waiting area we have a warm, relaxing and calming atmosphere, making your experience at clinic different from that normally associated with a dental visit. Technology: our technology applied to dentistry allows our clinicians to approach very complex treatment in an innovative way and at the same time with efficiency, precision, safety and efficiency. At the clinic we have the latest technology in one single centre, making us an integral clinic of the highest performance. We can provide immediate solutions for our patients.

Chair-side Software

Our devices are linked to the very latest in innovative software and allow us to work with the information as if we are with a virtual patient. The accuracy is astounding giving us the precision to plan and execute treatment with great efficiency. The software allows us to anticipate in advance any foreseeable problems for each procedure, we can also reduce treatment times and provide immediate results.

Treatment Planning

Without doubt – diagnosis is the fundamental differentiating factor of good clinical practice. The key is identification of the problems and the desires of the patient. After knowing this we can bespoke our treatment options to the individual; giving informative solutions and setting our goals based on the needs of the individual patient.

Digital Dental Photography

Facial and smile analysis using digital photography is an integral part of the patient’s diagnosis and treatment. We aim to discuss all the aspects of your treatment and photographic images are an excellent forum for communication.

Diagnostic Tools

Technology to make dentistry easier for the clinicians – Technology to make dentistry easier for our patients The use of digital media and 3D technology in the diagnosis and treatment allows us to examine in depth the health of your mouth and then determine with certainty the best ways to maintain or improve your dental health. We use technology to modify and improve our clinical standards – constantly striving to provide clinical excellence. At the Hale Dental and Implant Clinic our technology is based on two components. We have the very latest in diagnostic equipment and then we utilise the very latest in software to gather the data and process the information. Only then can we be assured that we are designing the most effective strategies for our patients. With the combination of these systems and our clinical expertise we believe we have created a unique dental environment.

CT Scanner

Our 3D CT scanner allows us to see all the hard tissues of the patient, namely the bone and teeth. Thanks to the technology we can recreate extremely accurate real dimensional images of the patient.

Digital Radiographs

All of our X-Rays are carefully exposed to give the very highest of diagnostic quality and by using the latest equipment we are able to minimize the exposure dose to the lowest possible amount.

Intra-Oral Camera

The intra-oral camera is an excellent way of communicating the smallest details to the patient, instantly displayed on the large monitor mounted in the surgery. In this way we can diagnose, educate and discuss the best solutions for each patient in a very informative manner.

Digital Portrait

Photography is a very powerful communicating tool. We have a professional portrait set up linked to the computer and we can then use software to analyse the smile. It is important that this process is interactive. We can set individual aims and aspirations and help achieve the smile that you want.


Magnification is extremely important in dentistry. We have the latest and highest quality microscope that is fundamental for both diagnosis, precision in our treatments and prevention.

Facial Analysis

Facial and smile analysis using digital photography is an integral part of the patients diagnosis and treatment. We aim to discuss all the aspects of your treatment and photographic images are an excellent forum for communication.

Waiting Area

The reception and waiting areas have been specifically designed to offer the sense and feel of a first class lounge. We welcome you into a calming area where refreshments are served while you wait.

Diagnostic Area

We believe that discussion and clinical findings should be made in a completely neutral environment with a formal but relaxed ambience where the diagnostic information is discussed and presented to allow interactive and patient centred treatment planning.

Treatment Area

Has its own personality with an ambience which is both clinically clean, technological and relaxing. With the use of interactive media we can offer music and or movies to either distract or completely detach the patient from the clinical setting.
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