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Free e-Consultation

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How long do they last?

Implants are very successful with 30 year research studies showing success rates of over 95%. With proper care we would hope that you keep your implants for life. Whatever goes on top of the implant will be made to fit very precisely, and will require maintenance and may need changed. In the same way as crowns/bridges and dentures need to be replaced eventually.

How long will the treatment take?

Each case is obviously different and we like to give individual advice depending on the clinical situation. In most cases we will place an implant, wait for 2-3 months for healing then take impression and make the crown or bridgework which is fixed on top.

Will it be painful?

During the procedure most cases are managed perfectly well with local anaesthetic. For larger procedures we offer sedation which will make the procedure completely comfortable.  You will have no pain during the procedure. Afterwards we will manage the discomfort with normal painkillers.

How much will it cost?

You can be assured that your clinical team who will place and restore your implants are some of the best clinicians in the UK. We only use the best products and are supported by an excellent laboratory. All of us teach other dentists, helping them to help their own patients. Your case will be planned very carefully and you will receive a full written treatment plan detailing the full costs for your procedure. There will be no hidden costs and if we change any aspects of your treatment this will be discussed and explained with any changes in the fees detailed.