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Free e-Consultation

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A lovely note from a lady who had been suffering with Gum Disease

Dear Bob, Nina and Jose,   I wanted to say thanks so much to you all for working “miracles” with my teeth   After years of suffering with gum disease I really thought the chances of keeping my own teeth was slim to zero and had resigned myself to the prospect of wearing dentures.   After a course of therapy to help my gum disease with both Jose and Nina and then with Bob adding the glamour of veneers, I am now the proud owner of a healthy set of teeth and gums, which I’m happy to flash to anyone who wants to see them!   I can’t thank you enough for saving me from the dreaded dentures!!!   With much love,   Mrs T Wilmslow

A very satisfied lady after having her teeth whitened

Bob, Thanks for whitening my teeth – they look so fabulous for summer! I’ve never smiled so much in my life! All my friends want it done now…I have passed them your number!!   Big smiles,   KH Altrincham  

Making a visit to the dentist pleasurable!

To all at Hale Dental, I wanted to drop a line to you to tell you how delighted I am with the care I have received at your beautiful practice. Never have I felt so understood by a dentist – Bob, you made my visits a pleasure – and I can honestly say that is the first time I have said that about going to the dentist! I can now say that since I had my implants I am pain-free, I look great, and no one can tell which teeth are mine and which are implants. I can eat, smile and laugh without worrying about my denture causing me discomfort and embarrassment.  I love my new teeth! I would highly recommend your practice to anyone. With thanks and love,   Miss M D Bowden